Sports Heads Cards: Soccer Squad Swap Game Info

Sports Heads Cards: Soccer Squad Swap is a funny turn based football players card game in which you have to outsmart your opponent using a good strategy. The aim of the game is to build a squad of stronger Sports Heads, with 11 players that can beat your opponent's strongest 11. You are dealt 5 cards at a time. The player chosen to go first, plays a card. The other player plays another card, and whichever has the higher score wins. Both players are then added to winners squad deck. If you have a card of the same nationality as the one you played, you can double up beating the card your opponent plays even if individually they're of a lower value. You can only do this after the other player has gone. Play cards of the same or higher value and try to add the strongest sports heads to your squad deck. Play a tutorial round to learn the game.

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